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Meet Cathy Lee

I’m here to reclaim peace and joy in motherhood and in home.  Just as I love restoring furniture and  watching home makeovers… let’s slough off what has built up over the years, edit what is no longer working , smooth the rough edges and bring life and meaning back to a beautiful space: YOUR LIFE AS A MOM! 

Join me as we intentionally pursue joy and simplicity in the messiest and busiest of seasons.  It is possible for our circumstances to stay the same, but feel less burdened when we CHOOSE intentionally.  

I’ve created a place here where you can be encouraged to rest well, reflect often and reset regularly so that you can experience motherhood fully and abundantly. 

Established 2020

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Mom Life

Simple living for busy moms

My early years as a mom really do seem blurry.  At one point, we had 3 kids under the age of 5.  There were a ton of diapers, toys and mess.  I struggled to feel comfortable in my body.  But God was so gracious by surrounding us with the support of family and a great community.  There was a lot of surviving, but there was also lots of joy in those years.

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July Favorites Round Up

July Favorites Round Up

July has been about traveling and adventuring.  I'm super thankful for all that we were able to do!  It sounds crazy, but in just 2 1/2 weeks, we squeezed in an Alaska Cruise, a soccer tournament, a volleyball tournament, a yoyo contest, 2 college tours AND some...

June Favorites Round Up

June Favorites Round Up

This week, I'm sharing a random mix of items I'm loving this month.  Check it out! Diffuser - We have this sweet little mini diffuser.  We took this on our RV trip, have had it in the bathroom and right now, it's on my night stand.  This would great in the middle of...



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