This week, I’m sharing a random mix of items I’m loving this month.  Check it out!

Diffuser – We have this sweet little mini diffuser.  We took this on our RV trip, have had it in the bathroom and right now, it’s on my night stand.  This would great in the middle of your outdoor table.  Add citronella and you’ll keep the bugs away too!

Citronella – My most used oil for the summer!  Use 10 drops of citronella,  lavender and peppermint to make your own bug repellant spray or diffuser blend.

Watering Can – This watering can is funcitonal and beautiful.  I love the long neck of this one.  Some plants really need water applied just at the soil level.

Cracker Tray – I use this tray for my essentail oils.  They fit great!

Black Jelly Slides – These slides are only $5 and they look super chic!

Loopy Case – This is my current favorite.  It’s called Sand Dollar Checkered

Film Camera – This one is adorable and got great reviews on Amazon. The film photos have a great vintagey look.  Bring back film!  🙂

Saie Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 35 – This is a really good sunscreen moisturizer! Bright, dewy and glowy.  Best feature… it uses mineral sunsceen, zinc oxide.  Yay!

Binoculars – These are so handy to have on hand as we travel. I ordered 2 for our family. 25,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon and its $35.

Rubiks Cube – Of course, I would include a rubiks cube.  So good for your brain!