Decorating an entryway is one of my favorite and in my opinion, most important spaces in your home.  Entryway decor does not have to be complicated.  Just keep it simple and make sure its reflects you.  Scroll to the end of this post for links for everything I used. 

entryway, pinestopalms, ideas, decor
entryway, pinestopalms, ideas, decor
entryway, pinestopalms, ideas, decor


Entryway decor should both practical and beautiful.  Here’s are 5 key elements.


1.  A workhorse entry table or dresser.  Something with a lot of closed storage works really well.  We have a million things we want access to as we head out to the door.  We store dog supplies, wallets, brushes, and resusable shopping bags.

2.  Mirror.  Mirrors  are so lovely as it reflects light, but also handy for one last check before we head out the door.

3.  Baskets/Bins.  This is where we store sunglasses, extra cards, gift cards, keys, etc.

4.  A plant, candle, or lamp.  I tend to swap these out seasonally.  Right now, I have a diffuser in our lantern, but I always want something that adds some cozy light (usually in fall/winter) or life (a plants.

 5.  Special decorative piecesthat reflect YOU!  This is why we hang our leis here.  It reminds us of all the special moments and the people who’ve celebrated with us.

Check out all my entryway decor links below!

entryway, pinestopalms, ideas, decor, links

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