Walmart has some really good looking pieces for summer.  But really, these pieces could be used all year long.  These are all part of the Better Homes and Gardens Collection.  Great for eating outside and  I love the beachy, neutral colors.

Check them out!

Melamine plates:  These look like they could be straight out a Pottery Barn catalog.  A great price at less than $3.00 each.

Melamine dipping bowl:  These look great on their own.  They are the perfect size for condiments, cereal and snacks for little ones, yogurt and ice cream.  Less than $2.00 each!

Rattan Tray:  I love trays and there a million I could use this.  On a coffee table, side table, dreesser and as a serving tray of course!

Glass Drink Dispenser:  All glass, 2 gallons and will work all year long!

Rattan Drink Dispenser Stand:  This looks so good.  Must get with the drink dispenser!

Rattan Lantern:  This would look so good as a centerpiece or a few hung outside.  Battery powered!

White Metal Tray:  The high sides on this tray would be great for serving drinks or to corral glasses and bottles on a table.

Metal Condiment Tray:  I saw this in person and thought it was genius.  For our busy family, we could use this for everyday dinner or lunches.

Rattan Caddy:  Such a perfect carrier for utensils and napkins.  I love that it looks so classic.  It will never go out of style and can be used all eyar long.

 Acrylic Cups:  I just love the color of these cups.  They look like thick glass.

2 Tier Tray:  This piece is so practical, it can be used everyday for fruit.

Planters:  I love the organic, modern shapes of these planters!

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