Seabrook PNW Getaway

Another Seabrook Getaway

We went back to one of my all time favorite PNW holiday getaway spots, Seabrook!  This was our 3rd year doing this as a family, this time we went during Winter Break right before Christmas.   If I had it my way, it certainly would become an annual family tradition.  Seabrook is great anytime of year, but when we get there right before Christmas, it forces the calm and quiet I want for the holidays.  So while everyone was still Christmas shopping, I packed up my Christmas cards, easy, pre-prepped meals and got out there just to rest and be together.  No agenda!

Staying at Miss B Haven

Seabrook is a small beach community located about 3 hours east of Seattle.  We like to leave before lunch so that you’ll have enough time to get there by sunset!  It is the best way to start your time there!  After sunset, go grab dinner and dessert in town!  Seabrook is just far enough away from the distractions and pace of the big city and being here just before Christmas is magical.  The homes and small shops are completely decorated for Christmas.  Seabrook rentals are primarily run by the community of Seabrook.  You can easily search for homes on their website.  There is something for every size and season of your family.  You’ll find sweet 1 bedroom, 400 sq. ft. cottages up to 4000 sq. ft. beach front homes that can generally accommodate up to 20 people.

PNW Seabrook Getaway
Seabrook holiday getaway

Seabrook Homes – Love is in the Details

What I love most about Seabrook is that it is truly a PNW getaway.  You can get away from the hustle and truly enjoy the charm of this small community.  This year we stayed at a home called Miss B Haven.  All the homes in Seabrook have a name.  It was absolutely perfect for our family of 8.  It is meticulously decorated with so much attention to detail.  You can tell love has been poured into the home.  Miss B has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, electric vehicle charge and even a hot tub!  Miss B also has a ton of outdoor gear for the family to enjoy like scooters, bikes, skateboards, frisbees, tennis and wiffle ball racquets… you’re set!  It is also dog friendly!  There are many dog friendly homes!

Seabrook holiday

A Walkable Town

Seabrook beach sunset


Town Center has just enough charming small shops and restaurants for some variety and wonderful window shopping. The community continues to grow significantly and more shops and conveniences are being added every year.  We love to stop by their community center and see how the community is being developed.  If I could dream, we’d love to own a small home out there that could be a retreat for us and a place for you all to create family memories.  

Seabrook getaway adventure bikes

Add a Seabrook getaway and exploring the PNW Washington coast on your list of must dos.  Make it what you want… You can be out all day and adventure along the coast or really retreat and have many moment of stillness and reflection.  It truly is a beautiful and magical place and we will be back again for sure!

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