I finally made it to Waco after dreaming about it for several years!  It did not dissapoint!  I originally thought I would go one day as a girls trip, but my dear hubs planned it as part of a trip for our 20th anniversary.  It was just perfect.  

If going to the Magnolia Silos is on your wishlist, here are my 10 tips.

TIP #1: Waco is just an easy hour drive North of Austin.  Austin was a home base for a couple of days.

TIP #2: The Silos itself covers about 2 city blocks. Plenty of parking and lots of space to wander and linger. The silos are unmistakable and you’ll know them when you see them. There are food trucks on property, Magnolia Press for coffee and The Silos Baking Co. for cupcakes and sweet treats. The cupcakes were delicious!

TIP #3: Plan ahead, everything Magnolia related is closed on Sundays.  The silos, the shops, the coffee shop and the restaurant.

TIP #4: Worried about how to get stuff home? There are 2 large shops at the Silos and 6 smaller shops… make a combined purchase of at least $100 and they will send it home for you for FREE! Even to Hawaii!

TIP #5: Waco is an adorable small town of just 130,000. There are plenty of adorable Airbnbs to rent. The AirBnB, we stayed in was a home that was actually renovated on Fixer Upper.  We loved staying at the Shotgun House! Perfect size for just the 2 of us! Many of the Airbnbs are walking distance.  You definitely do not need to spend the night in Waco, but it’s great if you can. You can wake up and grab a cup of coffee the next morning and do some last minute shopping before heading out. I would recommend it. It’s nice not to feel rushed.

TIP #6: 1 full day at the Silos was enough time for me to peek in all the shops, eat ,shop and linger at the Silos. The food trucks on property were all amazing!

TIP #7: Definitely check out the Little Shop on Bosque, Joanna’s first shop. They have a great variety of discounted items and we picked up quite a few things there at great prices! 

TIP #8: There are 4 big events at the Silos each year. Silobration in October, Christmas at the Silos in December, Spring at the Silos in March and The Silo District Marathon in April. If you are visiting during those times, book your accommodations early! 

TIP #9: We had the chance to tour “The Castle” and it was lovely. The most recently renovated castle is open for tours will be featured in several episodes on the Magnolia Network starting October 2022. Tours are available through the end of October. $50 per ticket for a 1 hour guided tour. I left super inspired! Personally, I’m hoping they’ll extend their tours through Christmas.  Can you imagine ?!

TIP #10: Stopping at Buc-ees for gas on our way back to Austin was a fun side trip in itself. If you’ve never been into a Buc-ees, you need to. First, it’s the largest gas station I have ever seen. There are well over 50 pumps! They are known for their clean bathrooms, but their shop is a gas station mini mart x 1000! It was fun!

Honestly, what I loved most about outside of the aesthetic charm of the Silos is the heart of Magnolia and how it has changed Waco and has created so many places and opportunities for people to gather.  The Silos are free and open to the public.  I love that.  You can linger for as long as you like, be inspired and not have to buy a single thing. Home matters.  Your home AND your town.  It really has the power to change people!

Austin is such a great city too!  We only scratched the surface. There is a ton to see and do and it’s super easy to navigate.  So many great BBQ places! Our favorite was Stiles Switch BBQ!  Austin has great murals too! Tons of great ig worthy photo opp. spots!

We only spent 2 1/2 days in Austin and Waco.  It was much too short and we will be back.  There are direct flights from Honolulu!  Hubby will eat his way through and I will enjoy all the sights and sounds!  

If Austin or Waco are on your list… make it happen!  You won’t be dissapointed! We’ll be back for sure!