I love decor and beautiful things, but I love the freedom that comes with having less even more!  So choices need to be made.  Everything we own requires maintenance.   As time has become more precious, I’ve become more mindful of what is robbing me of my time!  One usual suspect?  Excess stuff!

Getting rid of stuff used to be much harder for me.  Some of it was being sentimental, but more of it was the guilt! 

Here are 4 mindset changes that have made decluttering easier!  Most of all, when we understand the why of anything we do, it becomes less of a task to check off, but it’s filled with purpose and meaning.  Letting go allows us to live with more of the things we love and our time is not wasted taking care of things we don’t.

1. Donating DOES NOT mean wasting. 

This was a big one for me.  I would always feel guilty over how much money I spent on something or how it could still be used.  I was raised not to waste and giving away perfectly good things was hard for me.  Now, having a peaceful space is more important than “getting my money’s worth”.  Now, I determine what it’s worth now, not the amount of money I spent.  If something has been useful to me and now it isn’t, then I already DID get my money’s worth.  🙂  Donating extra things that still have life can really be a blessing to someone else. 

2. I have to use something till it’s BROKE!

Anyone else resonate with this?  Similar to the first point, I felt like I was committed to something from the moment of purchase until it physically didn’t work anymore.  This is especially hard for things that cost more money, like more expensive clothes, furniture or kitchen/home appliances.  But remember, things are meant to serve us, not the other way around.  We get to decide when something is no longer serving us or bringing joy. Now, I keep things as long as they are still USEFUL. If it still has life, but it no longer serves me, it can continue serving someone else!

3. It’s more convenient to have multiples.

For a long time, I loved having plenty of supplies.  Tape, scissors, utensils, plates, mugs… you name it.  Things that I was constantly looking for, I just bought multiples.  But the reality is… maintaining and storing those items creates more work.  And honestly the bigger issue is simply being disorganized!  I would be way better off learning how to organize the things I already have.  Life is not easier with 5 pairs of scissors if I never put them back and can’t remember where they are!  This one is a real struggle.  It’s about training and practicing for our whole family!

4. Decluttering is NOT a one and done task.

Home care is a lifestyle.  Our homes are living and breathing.  If things are constantly coming in, then things need to be constantly going out.  Just like in any healthy system.  Having this expectation helps me to set limits and expectations.  Give yourself a small space or time limit.  You have more than one chance to deal with your things.  If you can’t part with something this time, don’t beat yourself up.  What I didn’t catch this time, I will catch next time.   You decide the frequency.  Once a season.  Once a month.  Make this a lifestyle, not a one-time task.

Lastly, we are shooting for progress, not perfection.  If you find yourself decluttering your closet or drawer again and again, it’s not because you’re doing it wrong, it’s because it’s a lifestyle and you are actually doing it right!

Hope this helps friends.  We are in this together.



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