This was fun for me to put together… I love finding family activities that work for all ages!  I tried to include games that you might not already have or some updates on classics.

When it comes to games and activities, there are 3 important things I look for as a family with 6 kids from toddlers to teens.

1.  The game has to be easy to learn

2.  It does not require specialized skill

3.  AND most importantly, it can still be played when a couple of the pieces go missing.  Moms with little ones… can you relate?  🙂

Here we go… most of these games we own ourselves and would totally recommend.

Trak Ball:  I remember these as a kid.  We’ve had these on and off with our family.  We are due for a new set.  These are great because the balls are easy to catch.

Minute To Win It:  This is in my cart right now.  This looks like so much fun and most importantly, all of the pieces and supplies are included!

Uno:  You don’t get much more classic than Uno… this one is fun… the cards are HUGE!  Just a fun twist on an easy classic.

Othello:  Another oldie, but goodie.  This is an easy, fun and not too long of a game.  With littles… you can just make up your own game with the chips too.

Spike Ball:  My teens love playing this with friends.  It’s easy to play.  It’s lightweight and portable. It works anywhere… at home, at the park and at the beach.

Dutch Blitz:  This is a fun card game my kids learn several years ago.  The concept is similiar to speed.  Super addicting and easy to learn.

Apples to Apples:  This is another fun game for ALL ages.  My kids love taking turns being the judge and what I love about this one… it does not need to go on and on.  We play till someone collects 5 cards… it can be more or less.. up to you!

Pickle Ball:  I bought tennis rackets for our family, but pickle ball is even smaller and easier to play.  I really liked this set of 4.  I would snag some extra balls too!

Do You Really Know Your Family:  We own this one and it’s fun.  It’s easy to just have laying around and we typically just play this at dinner.  One person picks a card and everyone goes around guessing what your answer would be.

Glow in the Dark Football:  This lightweight football is easy to toss for littles and bigs.  I love tossing a ball with my kids.  And glow in the dark?   How fun!

Bingo:  We have a bingo set and it typically gets pulled out during large family gatherings.  We ask family members to donate simple prizes.  We put them in paper lunch bags and winners get to choose a prize.  It’s fun for ALL ages!

Cornhole:  This simple game is surprisingly fun.  I have many memories playing cornhole while camping.  Several times… the moms have won against the kids!  That’s even more fun.  :). I like this set because it collapses… lightweight and portable.

Cup Stacking:  This is actually super fun.  There is skill and technique to speed cup stacking.  Check out youtube for all sorts of videos!  Again, works for all ages!

Would love to hear your ideas too!  What did I miss?


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