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“This brand is powered by passion for everything art and entrepreneurship. With zero experience in starting a business, I jumped in head first and always held premium product at the forefront.

The painting is fun – but the real mission is to unleash the creativity in everyone.”

-DeVo, CEO Nathan DeVaughn

Nate is one of my best friends from college. We had, in my opinion, the most epic core group of friends that I will forever feel grateful for. We were consistently supporting and empowering each other.  Being constant reminders that we were capable of anything – traveling the world, relocating anywhere we needed, obtaining the job of our dreams, and of course, if we couldn’t find it – starting our own companies.

Nate did just that. He posted one simple photo of a design on Instagram, never thinking it could amount to what it soon became.

Everyone has their own story, and their own way of telling it. What Nate has done with his brand is allow his customers to access these stories through art, clothing, and style. ​ DeVo Customs allows you to step up and be creative, working with Nate throughout the entire design process, watching your vision come alive. The coolest part? Afterwards, you get to wear it.

With over 125 hand painted jackets, flannels, hoodies, and shorts Nate now has many stories worth listening to. As he absorbs new creatives, he empowers each and every customer to come up with their own idea and together they work towards a new vision – a new DeVo Custom.

My heart glows brighter when I am wearing something I am proud of. At peace knowing where that item came from. Who sold it to me? What did they look like? Who was standing alongside of me when I purchased it? How was the store interior designed? What country was I in? What city? When I walk into my closet, I am able to pick up every single article of clothing and remember the story lying within the threads. Whether it is a place or a person, a memory or a gift, I associate everything I own with a special moment. This is what fashion means to me. Style should reflect individuality, it isn’t found on the overstocked shelves of the nearest crowded Zara.

My goal is and always has been to educate and spread awareness whenever I can. I want  people to care about the origin of the clothes they wear and jewelry they own. Where their clothes come from, who made them and why, how were they made and in what region of the world? Whose hands touched the fabric before your own?  I think when everyone wakes up and realizes their shopping habits matter – a positive change can occur in people’s spending motives. We often get stuck in the scary headspace that our individual actions don’t count, that they won’t be noticed or could not possibly matter. Oh my goodness – what if everyone thought this way!? The exact opposite effect could take place if everyone shared the mindset that they were capable of changing the world in their simple mundane everyday actions.

By supporting Nathan DeVaughn, you not only support a bold young creator, you are supporting a father. You are supporting a small business, a family.  You are taking your money away from the greedy corporate monsters who do not care about their employees overseas slaving away to knock off the next runway.

Thank you Nathan DeVaughn, for creating something I can proudly wear. I’d support YOU over factories any day.

Here’s how the epic magic happens..

1.  Send one of my favorite dudes a garment of your choice. Jean and flannel fabrics work best! ( preferably vintage/thrift found – more loved, less sweat shop support )

2. Design, create, and send Nate your unique inspiration.  I created a mood board for him to work from, making it very easy to gather the exact look I was going for.

3. He will then create an epic one-of-a-kind masterpiece & ship it back your way.  All paint used is %100 HAND-Washable.

4. Simply contact him through Instagram DM regarding paintable garments, shipping, and payment options.

Feel free to reach out to either Nate or I with questions!  DeVo Customs Instagram Page

continue venturing,


Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 2.50.54 PM



I wanted Nate and I to create a DEVO that spoke to me and represented my journey leaving Portland, Oregon and venturing wide eyed to the unknown of Los Angeles.  I set out to search for the perfect vintage jacket around my Hollywood home, eventually finding this amazing baby blue crop for the cheap price of $13. I wanted to feel both Portland and LA when wearing my handmade design. The bicycle, rose, and coffee cup symbolize my home in Oregon. Bikes transport you around the rainy city of roses while you balance your local sustainably sourced cold brew in your wicker basket, of course. The Volkswagen camper, sunglasses, and palm tree represent the sunny paradise that is California.  I had dreamt of moving to California for too long, and these images were always floating around in my mind..still working on saving up for that bright yellow camper van.**

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I had searched for the perfect pair of jean shorts to send to Nate and I struggled to find the exact look I wanted without compromising my ideal fit. So, I mailed him my most prized perfect fitting Levi’s.  I’ll admit I was nervous. I loved these shorts, and I didn’t know if I wanted to alter them with paint. Wow, am I happy I did! If you don’t want to go out and purchase something – send Nate something you already own and love. Trust me – he’ll only enhance it.

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