Sun Seeker

For the Time Being ~ Edie Brickell and The Gaddabouts

hello world,

Arizona travels have made me quite happy.  We’ve been staying very active outside as my grandparents are extremely healthy.  My mother’s dad passed away last weekend and we booked tickets for the funeral in Iowa as soon immediately after hearing the news.  Three days later we hopped on another plane to visit my father’s parents in their desert world.

The weekend was filled with conversations under eighty degree air, card games full of beer and laughter, and underwater pool tea parties with little mermaid Zo.  Morning hikes, daytime tanning and night swims.  Life is good right now and this trip has made me more aware of just how important time is with loved ones.

Every morning I wake up and walk out to the backyard grabbing fresh grapefruit, lemon and oranges for the day.  Combining to make pitchers of detox water, keeping us hydrated and refreshed all day.  Mixing up water with natural fruits and vegetables is a delicious approach in leaving your body healthy and energized.

Warm weather also calls for the simplest style. AKA, fun pants and free flowing tanks.  The only flaw of the trip was my mother constantly nagging me about my hair slowly developing thick and not so luxurious dreadlocks.  Brushes are overrated anyway.

Sunny weather fuels happy souls by melting away worries.  I spent the weekend spying on my two old love birds, witnessing their relationship strengthen.  Listening to their language, hoping I get so lucky one day.

continue venturing,











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