Snow Escape

Mine ~ Phoebe Ryan Atlas Remix

hello world,

I landed in America about a month ago from my study abroad adventure in Fremantle, Western Australia. I was pretty sad, borderline devastated, to leave my hot Australian summer to come home to a freezing Oregon winter.  I missed the ocean and really everything about life there more than I ever thought possible.  The experience reassured me after graduation I will be living by the water, preferably back down under. The adjustment was extremely difficult but I understand there is nothing to be sad about when looking towards the explorations ahead.
The day after Christmas we packed our bags, loaded up the car and left town.  My parents, Zoe and I and drove three hours east into the winter wonderland of snow dusted trees lining the Santiam Pass.  Escaping to my family’s Black Butte cabin was exactly what I needed. Away from the city, traffic and noise. The silence. Oh, did we need it. The stillness, the glistening powered sugar windows and crackling fire. Senses filled as I dip further underneath cozy blankets while grasping my decorative mug filled with steamed green tea. Dance parties in the kitchen followed by dozing off reading childhood stories to little Z.  It was the perfect getaway. I had time to reflect on my Australian experience, trying to see silver linings, reminding myself and realizing how much there is to explore in my own gorgeous state. Beauty surrounds us everywhere. We live in one huge breathtaking world.  Instead of being sad that I am no longer in one place I choose to look for the beauty of space I am currently inhabiting.  Wearing nothing but a bathing suit for five months was fun, and while yes I could do that forever, I must admit I did miss layers, high socks and fuzzy sweaters.

continue venturing,





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